Is an Online Degree Worth Your Time and Money?

Is an Online Degree Worth Your Time and Money?

Is an Online Degree Worth Your Time and Money?

Online degree and certificate programs are fast becoming the go-to for students who can’t afford a traditional four-year institution or who need flexibility in their course schedules. Still, many people wonder about the quality of online programs, and whether they are truly worth the time and money.

The answer isn’t exactly cut and dry – there is a huge continuum of quality among online degree programs, and they may be more useful for some students than they are for others. Generally, speaking, online degrees are worth it if you fall into one or more of the following categories:

You Need to Work Full-Time While Attending School

Most online coursework can be done on a flexible schedule that allows you to access course lectures and other resources at whatever time of the day or night works best for you. If you must work and you know your schedule will be either rigid or variable, an online degree program might be best for you.

You Live in a Remote Area

Some parts of the country simply have access to more institutions of higher learning than others. If you’re too far away to commute to in-person courses and your circumstances don’t allow you to move, online degrees will open up a whole new world of options for you.

You are Self-Motivated

Online classes require a certain level of motivation. After all, you won’t have a professor or fellow students noticing whether you show up for lectures or not. If you think you can stay on track without in-person support, then it’s possible to get a lot out of online coursework.

Every student’s needs are different, but there are absolutely some for whom an online degree will be worth the time and money. If you fall into one the categories listed above, it’s definitely an option worth considering.

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